Types of Google Ads Campaigns

May 9, 2024

An important element of creating a successful marketing strategy in the internet age is to use digital advertising effectively to reach your target audience and promote your brand. In this regard, Google Ads offers businesses a powerful tool. Google Ads allows you to achieve targeted results with various campaign types. The options range from search to display ads, video ads to shopping campaigns. In this Blog post, you’ll explore the different types of Google Ads campaigns and understand how each one works.

Google Ads starts with a target and campaign. Therefore, creating a campaign strategy that fits your business goals is one of the most important elements of being able to stand out in the world of digital marketing. You can choose from several types of campaigns (ad models) in Google Ads based on your marketing goals, brand strategy, and the time you can spend.

  1. Search Network Campaigns 

This type of campaign allows your ads to appear on Google search results pages. When you target correctly with search campaigns, you can reach your potential customers directly. By targeting relevant keywords, you can use it to impress your potential customers and redirect them to your website.

  1. Display Network Campaigns

This type of campaign includes your visual ads displayed on websites and mobile apps through an ad network called the Google Display Network. Visual ads aim to attract the attention of your target audience and promote your brand. You can also identify users who visit your website with Google Analytics, then show ads to these users and create a Display Network campaign.

  1. Video Advertising Campaigns

It enables your video ads to be broadcast on platforms such as YouTube. This type of campaign can associate your videos with the content your target audience is watching, increasing your brand awareness and conversions such as form submissions.

  1. Shopping Advertising Campaigns

Ideal for e-commerce sites, this type of campaign shows your products directly on the Google Search results pages. Customers can buy directly by seeing the image, price and other important information of your products.

  1. Local Campaigns

It is suitable for local businesses and also this campaign type delivers ads to potential customers close to your physical location. It is an effective method to promote local shops, restaurants or service providers.

  1. Application Promotion Campaigns

This type of campaign, which can be used by mobile app developers, aims to increase app downloads. Ads can appear on Google Search results, YouTube, Google Play Store and other apps.

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